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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Diamonds Beanie & Button Loafers

Riley is gone again. It's Grandma's last vacation of the year, and he has been with her since Monday. He comes back home in the morning. I totally had all these house projects lined up, that I was gonna get done, and share with you guys. Haha, that didn't happen.

I did get one of those projects done, but then Mitch was off, and we went out for some grown up fun one night, then we went boating at the lake with some friends the next day. I got pulled on a giant tube, OMG, scary, and ouch!! I think Mitch gave me whiplash when he drove to boat, cause I was sore for days, but it was fun, and he really, reeeeeaaallly wanted me to do it, so I gave it a try just for him.

The next few days me and Mitch hung out at home, we watched The Hunger Games, and went to bed super early, we were both worn out from the lake and lack of sleep. The next day I worked on Riley's nesting bowls, so they would be finished when he got back. I still need to make the red one, I went to do it, and realized my red yarn is attached to a hat I need to finish. I also got out my party stuff, and played around with different arrangements for the dessert table I'm planning for my friend Olga's baby shower next month.

Yesterday I planned meals for the next 2 weeks and went grocery shopping extremely late. When you go that late around here, you have to ring up and bag all of your own stuff. I worked at Safeway for 7 years, so you wouldn't think that would be a problem, but it is so not the same, you have to go so slow, and you have to listen to things like "place the item back in the bagging area" and "the attendant has been notified to assist you" over and over again. Oh, well, I got it done, and everything was bagged the way I like too, so that's a plus!!

So now we are to today!! And my plans to revamp the remaining items on my bookshelf did not go as planned. Maybe I will get it done, and share it next week instead.

And since it has been a week since I posted, where does the time go, you are going to have to settle for me sharing another crochet project I did manage to finish last week before Riley left.

It was a gift for my friend Olga. She is expecting her first baby this November. A little boy. I made the cutest hat and smallest little pair of booties for him to wear.

The colors are so soft, so much different than what I used when Riley was a baby. They are also the colors I am planning to use at the baby shower!!

This was my first time making the hat. I love it!! The texture is awesome, and it was so easy to make. You can buy the pattern here. I have several patterns from Crochet My Love Designs, and although I've only made a few of them, they are fabulous and so cute!!

The shoes are tiny little things. They are the smallest shoes I have ever made. The pattern is from here. Love it!!! Plan to make bunches more of these little loafers, you can also make them with one button, I wanna try them that way too. :)

They are actually made using the same pattern as the pair I bought for Riley when he was a newborn. Here is a picture of him wearing his.

He is 10 days old in this picture!! The shoes were a little big on him here, cause I ordered the 3-6 month size. The ones I made for Olga are Newborn size, so they are even smaller.

I can't even remember Riley being that tiny. I still have the shoes to remind me though. I got them out while I was making these ones to show Riley "his pair". He was so cute when he tried to put them on his feet, thinking that since they were his shoes, they should fit him.

Well, it's time to go get dinner started, Mitch leaves for work in a few hours, and I don't want to be rushing. Plus I want to finish up that red hat, so I can finish up Riley's bowls before he gets home tomorrow. Hope you all are having a great weekend!!!

♥ Kim


  1. Really cute things you've made for the baby. Thanks for the links. I think I have to try them out. : ) Have a nice week! : ) - Hilde

  2. Hello from Portugal,
    Your blog it's wanderfull, and I'm really enjoying to go agound it, and see more and more.
    Your work is beautifull.
    Carla Pereira


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