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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dylan's Photo Shoot

Hi! I know it's been a few days since I last posted. I went to California for a few days to pick up my Halloween decorations, and to visit my family and friends.

Mitch didn't want to go, so I took my little sister Samantha instead. She lives nearby in Reno. We stayed at my sister Danetta's house. Mom and my nephew Dylan also stayed the night at Netta's house. It was great, a family sleepover! We had so much fun!!!

While I was there, I decided to do a photo shoot of Dylan in Danetta's back yard. So I thought I'd share some pictures!

I was so surprised this many turned out so great! He always has a big cheesy smile when he sees the camera pointing at him. And he gets very posey. I had to coach him a lot, and at the end just let him play and told him I would take pictures of him playing.
This last one was taken by my sister Danetta. It's me and him hugging. I love this little boy so much!


  1. That last picture is sooo sweet!

  2. Wow he is beyond handsome :)

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  3. Ok, so I can't believe you took a picture of him peeing! LOL! That last picture of you too is beyond precious!


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